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Pokemon ninja team

So I was reading pokemon adventures, a manga serie of pokemon, which is way more awesome than the anime. The manga is more serious, better character development and clear goals and badass enemies. Ash is just an annoying mediocre trainer.

I really like how in the manga the pokemon are used, especially the ninja koga is using his pokemon in cool ways. This made me wondering how I would choose a pokemon ninja team of 6 pokemon. The team had to be masters of stealth, speed, shadows and illusions. I also made a graphic out of it using the sprites from the games.

- Crobat
- Scizor
- Ninjask
- Gengar
- Weavile
- Arbok

People have also asked me when I will be finishing the final part of the pokemon battle system in construct. I’m trying to find the time to complete it and document it, so please be a bit more patient.

pokemon ninja team

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