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Most awesome match during worlds 2013

I played a fair amount of league of legends but the last year I have more fun in watcing lol than playing it. I have watched the entire european lcs of seaon 3 and the last few weeks I watched the world championships of worlds.

Off course I wanted an european team to win and since Gambit’s (Moscow5) incredible victory in kiev about 2 years ago they were my favorite team. But Fnatic really impressed me already during the lcs but especially during worlds. Their awesome playstyle with teleport ganks, good rotations and hiding in the bushes made me a big fan of them. After the group stage I really thaught they would make it to the final, but they didn’t seem to get their play style good in the semi finals.

The match in the group stage against the korean team Samsung Galaxy Ozone was the one I remembered with the double assassin composition  the most and I thaught I would share it with you. Enjoy!

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