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Games for the zoo “dierenpark Emmen”

“Dierenpark Emmen,” a zoo in the Netherlands have asked me to develop some games for them. They already have games in the zoo, but they were all very old and running on amiga and the “newest” one was running on dos haha.

The things that are important in a game for the zoo is that they had to be educational, easy to play and quick to play. Kids had to be able to play the game in 3 minutes, else they would be there all the time, which is not a good thing for the parents who are waiting.

The zoo got new bears, the spectacled bear. They wanted some sort of quiz so I made a bear with glasses who asked the questions.

The other game was about the elephants and the differences between the Asian and African elephant. The game was about getting the right differences to each elephant and you would see the elephants change which looked alike in the beginning.


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