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Development of Psychic Pirate to a full game

Last gamemakingmonday I made the game Psychic Pirate, but I had so much fun with it and a lot of more idea’s about this concept. I decided to develop it to a full game with more levels, different enemies, sounds and more.

Fast paced puzzle game

The game from gamemakingmonday is just a fast clicking game but I want to build it into a fast paced puzzle game. You must find out how to destroy the different canonballs and ships. Right now it is just one click, but some cannonballs need to be clicked 3 times, no more and no less or need to be clicked in a certain order, first A, then B, then C.

I’ve already been developing today and added a level selection screen and added another menu, these aren’t the final graphics. The player will also be able to unlock new powers with the gold you earn from destroying ships. screenmenu screenlevelselect screentimefreeze

The awesome timefreeze, the time when you can destroy the canonballs     screenattack New attack animation added after the time freeze

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