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Creation of a game portal with wordpress

The last years I have also used wordpress for developing websites. Normally I develop games for game portals but I wanted to try for myself if I could also set up a game portal.

There are thousands of game portals and there are a lot of success stories, I’m not expecting to be that successful but it should give me some earnings. I want to show how I got to this website.

The first step was deciding what games would I like to place on the portal. I couldn’t just do all games because there are a lot of other websites doing that. My first idea was, no surprise to develop a game portal with dino games. After some research I came to the conclusion that there aren’t that many dino games and not a lot of people search for them, about 9,000 a month.

My next idea was to have animal games, this came up with a lot more search results and I would still be able to put dinosaur games on that website haha.

Looking around on google I found out that there are not that many animal game websites. I ordered the domain animalonlinegames.com to match the right search words.

Yesterday I’ve set it all up and today I have been adding lots of games, I decided to not go for the standard game category’s as puzzle, action, fighting etc. but to use animals as categories.

Check out what I have so far here: animalonlinegames.com

Will keep you updated on the succes, will post a result next week to check how fast a website can grow. Should be interesting.

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