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Creation of a cartoon cloud in illustrator

For the ninja monkey game I want animations when the player hits an enemy or powerup. I’m going to use the particle system of construct 2 for this and I want it to spawn some little cartoon clouds. Already tested it and it looks very nice.

I want to show how I made these clouds in illustrator.

Step 1:
Use the ellipse tool to make some circles for the basic shape

Step 2:
Use the pen tool to draw lines around the shape like I’ve done below. Select the line you’ve created and set thickness to 2 and select the right profile. Not the uniform but at my illustrator it is called “width profile 1″

Step 3:
Do the same as step 2 but now use it as some sort of shade to make it more “wooly”

Step 4:
Use the same lines to add some curly ends to the lines from step 2, this gives it its realy cartoonic feel.

Step 5:
Add some more shade by using the pen tool to create the objects, set the color to black and opacity to 15

Final step:
If you’ve done everything right you can select the circles you made in step one and give it the color you want.




I hope I can show you these as particles in action real soon in my ninja monkey game.

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