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Completing games I couldn’t finish as a child

When I was young there were a lot of games I played, but I never finished them because most of them were just to hard or I was to scared. Some game I did finish but that was with the use of cheats.

Commander keen 4
This was one of the coolest games I played as a child and also a game even my parents played. I could only finish the 2 first levels and had my parents finish the rest. I was also very scared of some enemies, especially those rocks that would jump on you, they were to unpredictable to me.
A few years ago I downloaded this game again and try to finish it this time on my own. After about 2-3 hours I finished the game. Was this the game I spend so many hours on as a child?

After commander keen 4 I¬†occasionally download a game I couldn’t finish as a child to finish it now without cheats. I’m just very nostalgic and want to finish the games to get some sort of closure I guess. Below a list of some of the games I finished.

Secret Agent mission 1
Not as popular as commander keen but also a very fun game for me.

Crystal caves
Also a very cool platformer, I always liked this game more than commander keen 4.


Jurassic war
This is one of the games I did finish as a child, but with the use of cheats. Very awesome games because I really dinosaurs. If a new version of this game came out I would be thrilled. I remembered all the sounds the characters were making “ugah”



Dos games
Most of these games are dos games, but lately I have also switched to more newer games. I also played a lot of tomb raider 2, always the first level where I was so scared of those spiders. My new goal is to finish tomb raider 2 and maybe also all the other tomb raider games which I never played.

My new goal is set, do you also have some games you couldn’t complete as a child?


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