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How to create a mask in construct 2 | HTML5

It’s been a while since my last post, I’m very busy with developing games for clients. For one of the games I needed to create a mask. It is very easy and quick to do in construct. I used this in a game where you use a flashlight to find certain objects. In your top

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How to draw lines or a swipe in construct 2 | html5

In my game toxic bubble I needed to draw lines. I already said I would be making a tutorial about this. This tutorial is also useful if you want to use a swipe action like in the game “fruit ninja”. 1: First create a sprite like this, a long rectangle. It is important that you set the image point

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New html5 game – Toxic Bubble

This is my first fully completed html5 game which can be played in mobile browsers. I made it on a free saturday in one day to see how it all would work. And it runs pretty good in mobile browsers. I wanted to make a simple small puzzle game with not to difficult graphics, that’s

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Development of Psychic Pirate to a full game

Last gamemakingmonday I made the game Psychic Pirate, but I had so much fun with it and a lot of more idea’s about this concept. I decided to develop it to a full game with more levels, different enemies, sounds and more. Fast paced puzzle game The game from gamemakingmonday is just a fast clicking

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Game making monday game 4: Psychic Pirate

A new game making monday game and I’m very happy about this one. It’s just a small game but I will be developing this game more with more and different enemies, more levels, sounds and better graphics. For now check out this game I made in about 8 hours. Control the game with the mouse

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First screenshot of my mobile test game

I’ve already posted some art about this game, but now I can post the first screenshot of my ninja monkey game which I’m developing in construct 2. This game is a test for me to see how construct 2 works on mobile devices and mobile browsers. If I’m happy about it you can expect more

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How to create a double jump in construct 2 – html5 game

Construct 2 has an amazing platform behavior, with automatic physics, jumping and keys. But how do you add a double jump. Double jumps are always pretty cool in games and give you more options. I will make a detailed tutorial about how to use the basics of construct 2 later, a little bit of knowledge of

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