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League of legends worlds 2013

Most awesome match during worlds 2013

I played a fair amount of league of legends but the last year I have more fun in watcing lol than playing it. I have watched the entire european lcs of seaon 3 and the last few weeks I watched the world championships of worlds. Off course I wanted an european team to win and

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pokemon ninja team

Pokemon ninja team

So I was reading pokemon adventures, a manga serie of pokemon, which is way more awesome than the anime. The manga is more serious, better character development and clear goals and badass enemies. Ash is just an annoying mediocre trainer. I really like how in the manga the pokemon are used, especially the ninja koga

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Creation of a game portal with wordpress

The last years I have also used wordpress for developing websites. Normally I develop games for game portals but I wanted to try for myself if I could also set up a game portal. There are thousands of game portals and there are a lot of success stories, I’m not expecting to be that successful

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Completing games I couldn’t finish as a child

When I was young there were a lot of games I played, but I never finished them because most of them were just to hard or I was to scared. Some game I did finish but that was with the use of cheats. Commander keen 4 This was one of the coolest games I played

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