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New html5 game – Toxic Bubble

This is my first fully completed html5 game which can be played in mobile browsers. I made it on a free saturday in one day to see how it all would work. And it runs pretty good in mobile browsers. I wanted to make a simple small puzzle game with not to difficult graphics, that’s

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Development of Psychic Pirate to a full game

Last gamemakingmonday I made the game Psychic Pirate, but I had so much fun with it and a lot of more idea’s about this concept. I decided to develop it to a full game with more levels, different enemies, sounds and more. Fast paced puzzle game The game from gamemakingmonday is just a fast clicking

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Game making monday game 4: Psychic Pirate

A new game making monday game and I’m very happy about this one. It’s just a small game but I will be developing this game more with more and different enemies, more levels, sounds and better graphics. For now check out this game I made in about 8 hours. Control the game with the mouse

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Games for the zoo “dierenpark Emmen”

“Dierenpark Emmen,” a zoo in the Netherlands have asked me to develop some games for them. They already have games in the zoo, but they were all very old and running on amiga and the “newest” one was running on dos haha. Important The things that are important in a game for the zoo is

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First screenshot of my mobile test game

I’ve already posted some art about this game, but now I can post the first screenshot of my ninja monkey game which I’m developing in construct 2. This game is a test for me to see how construct 2 works on mobile devices and mobile browsers. If I’m happy about it you can expect more

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Game making monday game 3: I see you

Every monday I make a game in one day based on 3 words. This game was based on the words: Dinosaur, Paper, Watching Play it now  


Game making monday game 2: Intro game

Every monday I make a game in one day based on 3 words., this was an intro game for my initial plan to let users vote which 3 words I must use for my next game. Maybe in the future I will add these options again if there are enough voters. Play it now  


Game making monday game 1: Tower

Every monday I make a game in one day based on 3 words., this is the first one of the series. Made in flash with actionscript 3 and the words this game is based on are :Avoid, Collect, Tower Play it now