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League of legends worlds 2013

Most awesome match during worlds 2013

I played a fair amount of league of legends but the last year I have more fun in watcing lol than playing it. I have watched the entire european lcs of seaon 3 and the last few weeks I watched the world championships of worlds. Off course I wanted an european team to win and

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pokemon ninja team

Pokemon ninja team

So I was reading pokemon adventures, a manga serie of pokemon, which is way more awesome than the anime. The manga is more serious, better character development and clear goals and badass enemies. Ash is just an annoying mediocre trainer. I really like how in the manga the pokemon are used, especially the ninja koga

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Creation of a game portal with wordpress

The last years I have also used wordpress for developing websites. Normally I develop games for game portals but I wanted to try for myself if I could also set up a game portal. There are thousands of game portals and there are a lot of success stories, I’m not expecting to be that successful

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How to create a mask in construct 2 | HTML5

It’s been a while since my last post, I’m very busy with developing games for clients. For one of the games I needed to create a mask. It is very easy and quick to do in construct. I used this in a game where you use a flashlight to find certain objects. In your top

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How to draw lines or a swipe in construct 2 | html5

In my game toxic bubble I needed to draw lines. I already said I would be making a tutorial about this. This tutorial is also useful if you want to use a swipe action like in the game “fruit ninja”. 1: First create a sprite like this, a long rectangle. It is important that you set the image point

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New html5 game – Toxic Bubble

This is my first fully completed html5 game which can be played in mobile browsers. I made it on a free saturday in one day to see how it all would work. And it runs pretty good in mobile browsers. I wanted to make a simple small puzzle game with not to difficult graphics, that’s

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Completing games I couldn’t finish as a child

When I was young there were a lot of games I played, but I never finished them because most of them were just to hard or I was to scared. Some game I did finish but that was with the use of cheats. Commander keen 4 This was one of the coolest games I played

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How to create a pokemon battle system in construct 2 – HTML5 | part 2

Part 2 of this tutorial is here. If you have missed part 1, check it out here. In this small tutorial we will be adding a health bar to the player and the enemy and give them both strength and defense stats. Step 1: Importing sprites First import a sprite, just a simple red block

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How to create a ship in illustrator | tutorial in 15 minutes

For my game psychic pirate I need some more ships so I decided to show here how I make these ships in a fast way. The ship will be viewed from the front. Step 1: Start with the basic shape of the ship and make the right part slightly darker then than the left. Also create

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Development of Psychic Pirate to a full game

Last gamemakingmonday I made the game Psychic Pirate, but I had so much fun with it and a lot of more idea’s about this concept. I decided to develop it to a full game with more levels, different enemies, sounds and more. Fast paced puzzle game The game from gamemakingmonday is just a fast clicking

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